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Sightseeing in the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley

Nativity Museum
The museum's name "Maranatha" is Aramaic, Jesus’ mother tongue, meaning "Our Lord May Come". An impressive collection, the one and only in South Tyrol.

Climate Shaft
The mine is no longer in operation but allows, under very specific conditions, a microclimate that is beneficial for people suffering from breathing problems. The climate shaft in the Ahrntal Valley is located approximately 1,100 m underground.

Prettau Mine & Mining Museum "Kornkasten" in Steinhaus
In Prettau, Ahrntal, copper was mined for over half a millennium. The administrative centre of the mine was in Steinhaus. In the former granary, the mine's food deposit, the Steinhaus mining museum has been open since the autumn of 2000.

Castle Taufers
The mighty Castle Taufers is the dynastic seat of the Barons of Taufers and showcases impressive fortified grounds. The well-preserved castle is one of the biggest and finest castles in South Tyrol.

Reinbach Waterfalls
An impressive nature spectacle along the St. Francis Path near Sand in Taufers.

Mineral Museum
Exhibits more than 950 mineral types from the Ziller Valley region and Upper Tauern region. They formed 30 million years ago in the very depth of our planet Earth. 300 m² of exhibits in St. Johann at the Ahrntal Valley.

Museum of Folk Traditions
The Museum of Folk Traditions in Dietenheim by Bruneck was founded in 1976. It also displays a variety of about two dozen buildings, which would have been destroyed, rebuilt between 1977 and 1993 on grounds close-by.

Messner Mountain Museum - "Ripa"
The fifth Reinhold Messner museum at Castle Bruneck is about to open its doors, it is dedicated entirely to the subject of mountain people. Exhibitions about everyday life in the mountain regions and its residents. (e.g. Sherpa, Indios, Tibeter, Walser, Mongolen, Hunza).

Church Of The Holy Spirit in Kasern
The chapel is located in the lower Ahrntal Valley, adjacent to a large cliff. During the winter months a very popular cross-country skiing spot, during the summer months a popular outing for families with its hiking trails and beautiful alpine meadows.

Nature Park Houses
The Nature Park Houses in Prettau/Sand in Taufers embrace the motto "The boundaries of nature and the limits of man". Goal of the exhibits is conveying unusual outlooks and to move the visitors.